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Shea G.


I really liked the flexibility of this course.  It worked well with my busy schedule, and the expectations were clear and upfront.  One draw back was that if you didn’t understand a module, you have to reach out to one of the coaches for support.  However, I thougth the basic instruction and content was very engaging and up to date.  I thought the class modules were very well structured and the assignments supported each module very well to.

Ivy R.


Scott was trustworthy, reliable, and consistent. While working with our team at AARP he provided excellent support and instruction.  I would recommend him for any consulting or training opportunity.

Amber S.


Scott is an amazing professional to work with. He is very detailed, resourceful, creative and customer oriented.  I was fortunate to have him train me and work with him.

Matthew J.

Business Owner

Scott was a great coach.  He kept me motivated and helped me master my sales role.  He also helped me establish a strategy for continued development and took action to help me execute.  I enjoyed the pep talks he gave and the additional lessons learned during my time with him.

Judge Shirley F.

President, Law Community Foundation

Scott is a very reliable person to work with.  He is very detailed oriented, professional, resourceful, creative and customer oriented.  I was fortunate to work with him.