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Professional Development is no longer an option.  In the “post-pandemic” workforce the term professional development takes on a more important role in your success.   Professional development today is an ongoing form of learning which we call the “Kaizen Approach” to individual continued improvement.  Choose from our list of topics and start your journey today!

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Featured Professional Series Courses

Stack new skills for upward mobility

Our catalog of micro-courses are designed to help you upskill and gain the ability to apply your new knowledge quickly, without the time and cost commitment of a full certification.  These new skills can be used independently or contribute toward a group of skills you desire to achieve you learning goals.  Each course includes modules, assignments, downloadable planning sheets, and professionally produced content delivered by industry experts.  

Why improve your business skills?

There are many reasons to improve your business skills.  For most, they incorporate new behaviors that allow the chance to progress in a career.  Others, its the first phase to learning how to start or build a business.  The most successful leaders and entrepreneurs in any industry make skill building a priority to keep up with the evolving techniques of success.  

Having the ability to learn online on your own schedule benefits the busy professional who doesn’t have the luxury of sitting in a full-time classroom.  Today, you can gain the fundamentals of each topic, explore new skills, and implement what you have learned without leaving the comfort of your home. 


1 What are your Professional courses?

Our Professional Series Courses are micro-based content that focuses on helping students gain the critical components--eliminating wasteful activities that most students forget.  We focus purely on the items you can easily learn and apply immediately upon completion.  

2 Who are the instructors?

Each course is facilitated by professionals or subject matter experts within the industry.  We've invested time, money, and effort to ensure your learning experience is compliant with commercial and federal regulations.  Our courses are professionally produced and clearly delivered so you can comprehend and implement what you've learned. 

3 Are the courses difficult to complete?

No, we've taken out the complexity of learning and focused on what is important to any working aged professional.  You will be able to review the content, pause the video, complete each assignment, and pick up where you left off.  Once you enroll, you can take the course as many times as you want--until you are comfortable with the topic.