Charlotte Phelan, assistant commissioner of the, Office of Enterprise Strategy Management at GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) joins Off the Shelf for a discussion of the role, responsibilities, and priorities of her office in supporting FAS’s government-wide contracting programs.

Charlotte Phelan, assistant commissioner, Office of Enterprise Strategy Management

Phelan provides an update on schedules consolidation, now in Phase III with FAS working with contractors to consolidate legacy contracts.   Her office plays a leading role in IT systems development and deployment across FAS and she provides an update on systems modernization efforts.

Phelan highlights the role out of, a single-entry point for customer seeking to acquire products and/or services from GSA.  She also previews the new government-wide procurement equity tool and how it will support efforts to support small businesses in federal marketplace.

Finally, as she reaches her first anniversary as assistantcommissioner, Phelan shares her thoughts and observations regarding the important, evolving role of the Office of Enterprise Strategy Management.