Eric Traupe, former assistant director, CIA for the Near East

This week on Leaders and Legends, host Aileen Black interviews Eric Traupe, a former public sector executive with 30+ years of combined experience in the CIA and the US Marine Corps.

Traupe is the former assistant director of the CIA for the Near East and served on the front lines of U.S. counterterrorism efforts for more than 20 years. He remains a trusted advisor to our nation’s highest-ranking leaders, having advised CIA directors, presidents, cabinet and military officials, and members of Congress.

Traupe also participated in momentous White House strategic, policy, and resource decisions, and has tackled the full range of U.S. national security issues.

His leadership, acumen, and unmatched ability to cultivate enduring relationships between the U.S. and its foreign partners continues to be heralded in intelligence circles.