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This week on Off the Shelf,  Tim Cook, executive director of the Center for Procurement Advocacy (CPA) and Tom Sisti, vice president, and general counsel of the Coalition for Government Procurement discuss key developments in acquisition policy programs.

(L-R) Tim Cook and Tom Sisti, Center for Procurement Advocacy

Cook provides an update on the Congressional calendar, including the NDAA, Omnibus budget package, and current continuing resolution. He also gives his thoughts on the way forward for these key legislative packages in the coming weeks, and highlights some key language in the NDAA that will impact procurement.

Sisti gives his take on the slow, painful death of commercial item contracting through re-regulation and layering on of administrative process. Inflation remains a challenge for both government and industry and Sisti comments on the current state of play as government and industry work to respond to the impact of inflation.

He also discusses the prospects for CMMC and its impact on government and industry.