This week Brian Friel, co-counder of BD Squared, LLC, joined Off the Shelf  for a wide-ranging discussion of the federal procurement market, including the impending re-competes of major governmentwide contract vehicles.

Brian Friel, co-founder, BD Squared

Friel discussed the key trends that have shaped the federal procurement market over the last decade, the increase in overall procurement spending, the growth of services, the efforts to consolidate contract vehicles, the impact of category management,  and the rise Best in Class contracts.

He also provided his insights and analysis on the evolution of source selection criteria from a traditional best value tradeoff model to a scorecard model with self-scoring by offerors.

Friel addressed how data analysis supports companies competing for contract awards on RFPs using a scorecard methodology, and provided an update on POLARIS, CIO-SP4, OASIS+, Alliant 3, and NASA SEWP VI.